"The sculptor Lelia Zuaf participated recently at the two yearly sculpture exhibition at the Vromans Gallery in
We do carefully choose the artists for these exhibitions.
Lelia Zuaf's works are of classical beauty shaped in modern forms.
Their quality of subtle beauty shines through the used materials, tenderness and force are being conveyed by deep
psychological insight and great mastery of her art.
Lelia Zuaf's abstract as well as  figurative works are a true gain for the collection of our gallery."

Wim Vromans
Gallery Vromans
September 1998

"Dear Mrs. Lelia Zuaf,

I visited the Vromans Gallery in Amsterdam where your sculptures were being exhibited.
I very much admire your work.
The form language of your sculptures makes one realise that you are one of the rare artists who with great
sensitivity and understanding follows the roots and hystorical developement of modern art.
I have the strong conviction that your insight and vision on sculpting would be of great value for artists in The
Therefore I would like to invite you to exhibit your work at the Provincie Huis in Haarlem as well as for giving  
workshops for sculptors in our country."

Gerrit Bosch
Coservator of the Provincie Huis, Haarlem , The Netherlands
19 Nov. 1999

"It was wonderful to see in real life the work of sculptor Lelia Zuaf at the Atrium exhibition in Amsterdam. The
beautiful bronzes are coming to life as one walks around them."

Liesbeth Brandt Corstius
Director of Museum of Modern Art, Arnhem